Welcome To Interior Designer Chat

7 Jun

Interior Designer: a person who specializes in designing architectural interiors and their furnishings.

In short,  I am communications gal who became an Interior Designer later in life. Okay in my Forties.  I have worked in PR, social media, new media, old media, ancient media,  whatever it takes to get the message in front of the audience.  I believes the key to being a great public relations/communications/marketing professional is quite simple.  It’s listening to your client, then listening to the target audience, and figuring out how to connect the two.

In my career I have  experienced public relations campaigns on both ends; as the Designer and as the journalist (and audience member) being campaigned to.  Because of these experiences,  Barbara Segal is uniquely armed to create and implement programs, press releases, and campaigns that get noticed.  She is an active member of #BrandChat, #BlogChat, and now is launching #IntDesignChat.

For: Interior Designers and Decorators.

Weekly: Set Day and Set Time

Why should you participate in Interior Design Chat ?

  • Meet fellow Designer
  • Increase Blog Awareness
  • Get Noticed for Business Reasons
  • Attract Attention To Your Design Business
  • Learn
  • Share
  • Have Fun
  • Discuss Industry Trends
  • Be on Television
  • Be in the Press
  • Learn to rally our Industry
  • Be A Guest Speaker
  • Be Recruited for a Design Job
  • Be Recruited for Editorial
  • Just because

Email me at DesignerChat@gmail.com if you would like to  volunteer to be on the Board of Design Chat.  We will need several Interior Designers and techie types to rock this chat.  It’s up to the community of Interior Designers and Decorators to grow this. I know we can, so please won’t you join me in spreading the word and chatting it up!  Make a comment, introduce yourself, make suggestions,  comment on time suggestions, volunteer to be a twitter moderator,  volunteer to be a Chat Host,  volunteer to be a guest Editor for this Blog: Interior Designer Chat here on word press.  Most of all follow us on twitter @IntDesignerChat

Many of you know me. Those who do not I invite you to get to know me.  My clients consist of: Emmy Award Winning Producers,  Best Selling Authors,  Non-Profit Institutions, Interior Designers, and CEO, CFO. My passion has and always will be Interior Design.


One Response to “Welcome To Interior Designer Chat”

  1. abcdragoo June 8, 2010 at 11:59 am #

    Count me in-!- This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to network. I adore Twitter and all the connections that come from it.

    Thanks for organizing this blog and the Interior Design Chat.

    ABC Dragoo

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