Interior Designer Chat Questions – July 13, 2010 #IntDesignerChat

13 Jul

TOPIC:  Designers, owners, and supplier relationships.

Q1:  When working with an Owner/Client how do you guide them in choosing the right suppliers to work with?

Q2:  Projects suffer from schedule delays or cost overruns.  Ideas to improve the owner/designer relationship to avoid problems.

Q3:  What do designers wish their suppliers would/could do but don’t.

Q4:  Give us examples of excellent supplier service relationships.

Transcript:  Recap of #IntDesignerChat

A Moment of Interior Designer Chat Community Silence

We would like to express a moment of silence and prayer to the family of  Marija. Mom to Olivija + Nigel; Interior Designer; once-upon-a-time attorney, Wife of Mr. Court and writer of the Blog Holding Court.

On July 10th, Marija was killed in a car accident returning from an antiquing trip to Atlanta.  There will be a mass held for Marija on Saturday, July 17th at St Jerome’s Catholic Church, 2823 S Princeton, Chicago, IL.

Marija you are missed.  And to the family:

May the love of those around you,
Help you through the days ahead.”


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