Interior Designer Chat Questions – July 20, 2010 #IntDesignerChat

20 Jul

TOPIC:  How To Get Published In Today’s New Media World

Tonight we are honored to have Guest Hosts Cynthia Bogart.

Cynthia Bogart has been a Masthead Magazine Editor for Meredith Publications since 1994 producing and writing articles for their publications such as Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home, Country Home, Kitchen & Bath Ideas, Decor, the Meredith Book Division and many other magazines in the Special Interest Media Group.  Cynthia also founded the ‘blogazine’,   Her Bio can be found here.

Tonight’s #IntDesignerChat is an opportunity to learn from Cynthia.  So sharpen your twitter skills and get ready to spend one hour of  learning how to get your business Published.


Q1:  How are you getting Published in today’s new Magazine and Publishing climate?

Q2:  What one question would you like to ask Cynthia our Guest Host and Editor this evening about getting Published?

Cynthia will share with us some new insight to Media and Getting Published

Q3:  What % of your time are you spending on Social Media (FB +Twitter) and how are you fitting it in with running your business.

Q4:  We are very fortune to have some real Stars amongst our Community. Please share you success stories of getting Published via your Blog.

Transcript :  Recap of #IntDesignerChat


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