Interior Designer Chat Questions For August 17, 2010

16 Aug


Q1: Gloss paint finishes are enjoying a resurgence in the design press. Do you like this trend? What sheens to you usually specify for interior paints?

Q2: Pantone’s 15-559 Turquoise was named 2010’s Color of the Year by Pantone. Has turquoise figured into your work this year? Why do you think they picked turquoise?

Q3: When there’s a hot color out there, turquoise for example, are you more prone to accessorize with it or would you use on things that can’t be changed easily (or cheaply) like a sofa? What role do color trends play in your work and why?

Q4:    Sherwin-Williams recently issued four palette forecasts for 2011. I wrote about them on my blog here. The palettes look like this:

Do you see these color combinations taking shape in your work? Is Sherwin-Williams onto something or have they missed the boat? What color combinations do you find yourself coming back to time and again? How do trends influence that?

Q5:  What message do you wish you could send to the people who decide which colors are used or ignored (in any product category) in a given year?

Transcript : Recap of #IntDesignerChat


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