Interior Designer Chat Questions For August 31, 2010

31 Aug

TOPIC:  Let’s Chat Blogs

Q1:  Do you think having a blog establishes you as an industry expert in your field?  If so, how? If not, why not?

Q2:  Do design blogs help acquire business, or are they just for building relationships?

Q3:  How do you keep up with blogs  (RSS, email, social media) and do you comment on others blogs? Why or Why not?

Q4:  What is your favorite blogging platform?  (wordpress, blogger, tumbler, posterous, etc.) Explain why?

Q 5:  Many blogs use Facebook to make it easy for people to login in and comment and share stories.  Are you? Why or why not.

Q6:  Are you trying to make a living, make a difference, or leave a legacy?

Transcript #IntDesignerChat August 31, 2010 Recap


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