Interior Designer Chat Questions For Sept 7, 2010

6 Sep

TOPIC:  Check Your Ego At The Door. Social Media Is About Sharing & Engaging.

Q1:  Determining what a community is going to find of value requires engagement.  How do you you share and engage?

Q2:  Just because you built it doesn’t mean they will come. Do you have goals in place for you Social Media strategy?

Q:3  How are you using content to extend your Social Media reach?

Q4:  What is your Brand?  What is the right Social Media Platform for your Brand?

Q5: How do you bring in Influence?

Q6:  Tell us now what is your biggest “designer peeve” in Social Media?

Q7:  What Brands are doing Social Media right in our Industry?

Sept 7 #IntDesignerChat Transcript Recap


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