Interior Designer Chat Questions For Sept 14, 2010

13 Sep

TOPIC:  Design Centers

Q1:  What features and services do you use your design center for?

Q2:  DFA, major media outlets, ASID and design centers have come together to collaborating with showrooms and the design community throughout the country to inspire consumer desire for design.   How do you inspire your clients via design centers?

Q3:  Do you look at design centers for the value of your education and expertise as a designer?

Q4:   Do events that qualify for Continuing Education credit draw you into a Design Center?

Q5:  Do you know of a noteworthy event coming up in the design, architectural, or furnishings industry?

Q6: What is the most memorable event you’ve attended at a Design Center. Why?

Q7:  What design centers are doing a great job of Social Media, Marketing, and PR and getting the message out?

Transcript for Sept. 14, 2010 RECAP


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