Interior Designer Chat Questions For October 5, 2010

4 Oct

Topic: How does software help you elevate your design & attract more clients?



Alex Oliver is the CEO of Igloo Studios (, a pioneering media firm that specializes in creating innovative solutions for AEC industry companies. Igloo Studios is the team that is responsible for creating interactive 3D models for Google Earth and the Google 3D Warehouse (, powerful new media experiences which are being leveraged by Building Product Manufacturers, Real Estate Developers, and Designers. Alex is also the Executive Producer for two web based educational video series: “The Sketchup Show”, a learning series for the 3D design application Google SketchUp (, and “re:Source”, an educational resource for sustainable design and build (

Q 1:  What software or web app do you use as an important tool in your design process?

Q 2:  Don’t use design software… why not? Do use software… why?

Q 3:  Does using technology help differentiate you in the eyes of your clients?

Q 4:  Do manufacturers do a good job supplying you with software tools and/or related education?

Q 5:  What’s missing for you when it comes to incorporating design software into your process? Tool feature, education, other?

Plus This Week!

After #IntDesignerChat  Oct. 5 there will be a special demo and answer & question Webinar by SPECIFY.  Register HERE

Time: 7:15p EDT  and 4:15

October 5, 2010  #IntDesignerChat Transcript  RECAP


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