Interior Designer Chat – October 26, 2010

25 Oct

TOPIC: BLOGS – What do you want from a design blog – TRICK OR TREATS TO FOOL OR INSPIRE?

This Tuesday fix yourself a JackOLantern

Q 1:  Are you a designers who blogs or a  bloggers that designs –  Which are you? Or do you collaborations among bloggers and designers? Let’s talk about it.

Q 2: How does a your business or service specifically benefit from having a blog? Or is your blog your business?

Q3: What makes you leave a blog super fast? Is it the design? The grammar mistakes? Or you just feel like you’ve seen it all before?

Q4:  What tricks do you keep and need in your blogger designer tool box? i.e. sitemaps, Search Engine Optimization, pluggins.

Q5: Talking as professional industry people how have Blogs helped the design industry? Give us the pro and cons.

Transcript from October 26, 2010 Recap

Photo Credit: Furniture Fashion
Katie Stasiask


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