Interior Designer Chat Questions For Nov. 16, 2010

16 Nov

TOPIC: Lighting Up Your Client’s Designs

Q 1:How do you use lighting design to decorate your entertaining spaces? #IntDesignerChat

Q 2: How do you keep lighting eco-friendly and design worthy at the same time? #IntDesignerChat

Q 3: How do you educate your client’s that lighting is for professionals and a dangerous DIY job? #IntDesignerChat

Q 4: What part of your client’s overall Design/Architecture budget do you a lot to Lighting, and why? #intDesignerChat

Interior Designer Chat would like to thank,  Lightology for Sponsoring and hosting tonight’s  IDC Education & Design Worth Spreading.

We will be Partying and tweeting LIVE from Lightology’s  20,000 sq. ft. Chicago Showroom located at:

215 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60654

Check our Facebook for #IDC2010 photo’s tomorrow!

Transcript #IntDesignerChat Nov. 16 RECAP


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