Nov. 23 #IntDesignerChat Guest Host- Melissa Byrne Founder of @JingleNog

23 Nov

Guest Host Melissa Byrne Founder of JingleNog


TOPIC:  Decorating For The Holidays

All of JingleNog’s ornaments are all hand-made in Italy and Poland. The line is designed by JingleNog’s founder – Melissa Byrne. Melissa has been in the Christmas and Gift Industry for over 20 years. As a buyer, she created the product for the Lord and Taylor Christmas Shop for many years, working closely with the craftsmen in Europe to develop Christmas Tree ornaments and holiday gifts that were exclusive and unique for the store. She then moved to Christopher Radko, working with the company’s founder, as Director of Product Development. Now she has created her own line to share, collect and celebrate the Christmas Holidays with – JingleNog. The line starts with Melissa’s drawings and stories, resulting in beautiful, unique, handmade glass pieces that have been classically crafted using the traditional European methods of mouth blowing and hand painting glass.

JingleNog has received “Best of Category” visual merchandising awards from both the Atlanta and Dallas markets, and has been named as a finalist for “Best Ornament over $50.00″ by the Collector’s Information Bureau.   All of JingleNog’s ornaments are all hand-made in Italy and Poland.  JingleNog’s ornaments have also been selected for editorial features in Southern Lady, Design New Jersey, Celebrate 365 and other fine print and online publications. JingleNog is available in fine stores and websites across the country this holiday season including – Barney’s New York, Lord & Taylor, Bering’s, Gorsuch and Frontgate. JingleNog has also created exclusive products for the MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Children’s Art Project and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life programs.  JingleNog’s mission – To share, care & to celebrate!

@IntDesignerChat Nov. 23 Questions:

Q 1:  What do you feel are the 3 most important elements of holiday decorating?

Q 2:  Do you decorate with ornaments throughout the house?  If so which rooms? If not why not?

Q 3: What are your favorite holiday decorating ideas for clients that do not put up a tree?

Q 4:  How much do you re-arrange the space when a tree is being added to the room?  Minimal change or total re-do 4 a new holiday look?

Q 5: Do you decorate by color palette or theme?


Transcript For #IntDesignerChat TOPIC: Decorating For The Holidays with Guest Host @JingleNog RECAP


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