#IntDesignerChat Nov. 30 Topic: Marketing Your Design Services & Products In 2011

28 Nov

Barbara Segal

Barbara Segal is the Founder of  #IntDesignerChat  and  President of  Barbara Segal & Associates, a Public Relations and Social Media firm as well as being the President/Sr. Designer of  Noir Blanc Interiors,  an established Interior Design Firm.  Barbara has worked in PR, social media, new media, old media,  and ancient media, whatever it takes to get the message in front of the audience.   She believes the key to being a great public relations/communications/marketing professional is quite simple.  It’s listening to your client, then listening to the target audience, and figuring out how to connect the two.  Barbara has worked behind the scenes with high-profile celebrities and has a solid reputation in getting the word out.

In her career, she has experienced public relations campaigns on both ends: as the Designer and as the Client (and audience member) being campaigned to.  Because of these experiences,  Barbara Segal is uniquely armed to create and implement programs, press releases, and campaigns that get noticed. She is an active member of #BrandChat, #BlogChat, and founder of #IntDesignerChat a weekly twitter chat every Tuesday at 6pm EST for the International Interior Designers, Interior Architects + Home Decor Professionals.   And the successful #IDC2010 Education and Design Worth Spreading,  along with starting a Linkedin Group Interior Designer Chat.

Barbara who tweets under @NoirBlancDesign and @BabsSegal will lead @IntDesignerChat  Nov. 30 in the lively twitter chat of:

How will you attract clients in 2011?

How to build your personal brand

TOPIC: Marketing Your Design Services And Products In 2011

Q 1:   What will be your niche in 2011?    What’s your story?

Q 2: #IntDesignerChat How do you find clients?

Q 3: How do you have great demographics and a message of awareness about your company?

Q 4:  Are you putting value into you?   What education or industry shows do you plan to attend in 2011?

Q 5: How can you make next year your best year? What are your key challenges?

Transcript for #IntDesignerChat November 30, 2010  RECAP


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