#IntDesignerChat Questions Dec. 7 TOPIC: Blogging Part III

5 Dec

Q1: As a designer, how are you using your blog? To provide information, selling services, or engaging? Has it helped?

Q2: As a design blog, how important is it to provide new information vs. using other blogs information and giving credit?

Q3: Has your design firm considered hiring an outside entity to handle blogging? Ghostwriters, consulting, etc..?

Q4: Have you utilized monetizing with your design blog? What ways are beneficial and which are not?

Q5: What new trends have you discovered for your blog? Vlogging, YouTube, Podcasts, etc…?

Q6: How do you drive traffic to your blog? What has worked and not worked? #intdesignerchat

Q7: There is a great line up of Blogger Conferences in 2011 are you planning on attending any? Which ones and why that one vs others.

This weeks Topic: Blogging Part III is sure to go into overtime. So we’re throwing a blogging,  Open Chat Holiday Cocktail Party! Two (2) hour of #IntDesignerChat starting at 6pm EST to 8pm EST.    Tis the season to be jolly!  So join us for an extra hour of #IntDesignerChat  favorite Topic: Blogging Part III.  The second hour we’ll be a little merrier with #IntDesignerChat bloggers joining in for our Open Chat Holiday Cocktail Hour. You never know what surprise blogger guests will  join in.  So jingle your bells,  spin your dreidel,  and get ready to show off your blog.  Join us at 6pm EST December 07, 2010 at @IntDesignerChat.

Photo Credit: LA Times, Southern Living

Transcript #IntDesignerChat Dec. 7, 2010 RECAP


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