#IntDesignerChat Dec. 14 Questions With Guest Host Jaime Derringer

11 Dec
Jaime Derringer has been publishing on the web since 2002, when she launched her first online magazine. Since then, she’s been intimately involved in social media, online publishing, and social networking. Her experience includes over 10 years of marketing, advertising, and project management, including 8 years in new media and online publishing.

She is founder and editor of the “Milk” network sites, which are dedicated to modern design. Her flagship site, Design Milk, has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Time Out New York, Singapore Home & Decor magazine, and Real Simple magazine. Design Milk is one of the Google Engineers’ Staff Picks and a Twitter influencer in Art & Design.

Inspired by her two dogs, in 2010 Jaime launched modern design blog Dog Milk to expose dog lovers to pet design that fits their uniquely modern sense of style. In addition, Jaime has contributed to a multitude of design blogs and acted as a freelance business consultant. Twitters: @designmilk @jaimederringer

TOPIC: Sourcing Products With The Internet

Q1: How has the internet changed the way you source products for clients?
Q2: What are some of your go-to online resources to learn about new products?
Q3: What are some of your fave online resources to purchase products for your clients?
Q4: Are you a member of any social networking sites specifically for IDs?
Q5: How else do you use the internet for work besides networking & promotion of services?
#IntDesignerChat RECAP Dec. 14, 2010 with Guest Host Jaime Derringer


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