#IntDesignerChat Guest Host Jan. 18 Yitz Finch @yitzy

18 Jan

TOPIC: Customizing Your Interiors with Custom Furniture

Yitz Finch @yitz

Q1:  Have you designed custom furniture or specified a custom piece for a client?  What was it?

Q2:  What do clients value in custom furniture (e.g. function, unique style, handcrafted)?

Q3:  How do you sell higher prices for custom work to the client?

Q4:  Have you valued and developed a working relationship with a furniture maker?

Q5. Has the internet and social media change the way you think about custom furniture?

Guest Host Yitz Finch

Yitz Finch, childhood was spent building tree houses and toys.  Eventually, Yitz went on to complete a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan with an emphasis on product development and design.

After short stints as a professional engineer and an academic, Yitz found himself longing for the satisfaction of working with his hands.  After a brief but transformative addiction to The New Yankee Workshop and an apprenticeship of sorts with John Grew-Sheridan in San Franciso, Yitz settled in New York, followed his passion, and opened Eitz Hadar Woodworks.

Eitz Hadar Woodworks is a  carpentry shop in Brooklyn, NY where Yitz designs and builds custom furniture and architectural products for residential and commercial use.  “Eitz Hadar” is Hebrew for “beautiful wood” which reflects a commitment to unique design, superior craftmanship, and timeless beauty.   Yitz primarily works with domestic hardwoods, he occasionally incorporate glass, stone, or ceramics into his designs.  Yitz  works with a talented team of artisans, including expert finishers and carvers, to provide the highest quality workmanship to the most discriminating customer.


Transcript ReCap for  TOPIC: Customizing Your Interiors with Custom Furniture



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