#IntDesignerChat Feb. 08 Topic: Kitchen Design and Inspiration in 2011

8 Feb

Kitchen Design is hot again.  From the luxury market, to  home remodeling.   The industry is all a buzz  about kitchens.

Join us Tuesday at 6pm EST for the weekly twitter chat Interior Design Chat where we will chat Kitchen Design and inspiration in 2011.

Q 1 When designing a Kitchen can you tell us about some favorite cooking setups that give the cook a full view of the room?

Q 2: What Kitchen Countertop and Resurfacing ideas are you using, as well as educating ur clients about in Kitchen Design in 2011?

Q 3:  What finishes textures and materials are you working with in Kitchen Design in 2011.   What  colors are coming into play?

Q 4:  What appliances and technology are you integrating into your kitchen designs in 2011?

Q 5:  What Appliance manufactures do you specify in your Designs?  Are you utilizing Continuing Education programs offered by Manufacturers?


Transcript Recap for Feb. 08


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