#IntDesignerChat Feb. 22 Topic: It’s good to be good. It’s better if others know.

21 Feb

How much you earn in these challenging times may have less to do with your design skill than your marketing skill.  It’s a fact: Many of the most financially successful design professionals lack the design skills of competitors earning much less.  Many of those getting the highest fees have worked fewer years than their competitors.  The Fact is, they may be better at marketing than they are at design.  These professionals excel at promoting themselves.  They “get” it.   They understand that it doesn’t matter how good you are if the right people don’t know.  So many highly gifted, multi-skilled design professionals who struggle financially. Want to boost your income?  Then, boost your marketing.  Join us on twitter Tuesday at 6pm EST, 3p PST, 11 GMT for a lively chat on marketing.

If your business isn’t where it should be eight  weeks into the new year, the Economy may not be the reason.

The most financially successful design professionals are the most specialized.  What is your niche?

Are you building your brand and profits by reaching out to specific demographics (say, New York luxury residential market) and offering appropriate services.  They Diversify, but only within their niche.

How do you turn social banter into business chatter tastefully?   Are you using Social Media to sell yourself?

Present your best, before discussing the rest.   Are you twittering:   I am  ________ New Yorks  renowed and published _______ Designer, I can help you add value to  your home?

How do you connect with potential “partners?”

Align with allied professionals by trading referrals, exchanging client lists, and collaborating in advertising.

How do you plan to create your brand around you because it defines what makes you  different?

Promote your brand your website, blog, social networking sites and in your marketing materials whenever and however you can.

Do you need to hire a PR firm?

Transcript TOPIC: It’s good to be good. It’s better if others know. RECAP


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