#IntDesignerChat March 15 LIVE From “London Design Week” With Andrew Dunning

8 Mar

Join #IntDesignerChat For A Special LONDON Addition! “LIVE from London Design Week” with London Guest Host

Andrew Dunning


Andrew Dunning launched APD Interiors in 2004 with one aim: to allow people to have their dream home for an affordable price.  Since then his business has gone from strength to strength, he writes for CityAM, a London based newspaper with a circulation of over 100,000 readers daily.  He has been featured in the Evening Standard and writes a daily blog offering design advice with the occasional celebrity Interiors Q & A’s.

His design knowledge creates the look you’re after and his sourcing expertise uncovers high quality, well designed furniture and accessories at a price that suits his client’s budgets.

Andrew will Lead @IntDesignerChat live on twitter at 5pm GMT, 1pm EST covering all the latest trends from LONDON Design Week 2011., at Design Center Chelsea Harbour. Vogue Magazine was quoted as calling  Chelsea Harbour Design Center in London, a “Treasure Trove.”



Recap/Transcript March 15  Topic: London Design Trends with Guest Host Andrew Dunning



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