#IntDesignerChat May 10, 2011 Topic: How Are You Taking Your Business From Ordinary To Extraordinary?

8 May

If you don’t come from that place of pure conviction that your product is the best fit for your clients current challenge,  then the person sitting opposite you definitely won’t see you as their solution provider.

What’s in it for me?  That’s the question that all prospects ask, all of the time.   And that’s the question that many design professionals and industry partners forget to answer on their social media working profiles, websites, in their brochures and elsewhere.  Your marketing words aren’t working if they force others to ask: “And your point is…?”

Tuesday May 10, 2011 the Interior Designer Chat Community on twitter @IntDesignerChat  will host an International twitter chat (virtual discussion)  on TOPIC:  How Are You Taking Your Business From Ordinary To Extraordinary?  Whether you’re an industry expert, a student, or a brand our #IntDesignerChat International community is built on helping and sharing with other like-minded professional Interior Designers, Interior Architects + Home Decor Professionals.   Nothing, makes you feel better than sharing with a community in these challenging economical times.  So join us at 6p ET, 3p PT, and 11p GMT.


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