#IntDesignerChat May 24, 2011 Topic: How Your Work Is Influenced By The Landscape

22 May

Phillips Collection

West Elm's Urban Oasis

One of the most breathtaking ways to celebrate summer  is by the pleasures of  beautiful private gardens and landscapes.  This Tuesday join @IntDesignerChat on twitter at 6p EDT,  where we will discuss:   How landscape designers working  together with interior designers and architects, influence spaces for residential living inside and out.

Q1: How do you embrace what nature has to offer and bring the lure of the outdoors into your creative living environments.

Q 2: Outdoor Furniture, Upholstery/textiles, lighting, garden statuary, umbrellas, containers, outdoor grills and hearths.

Q 3: How do you create both intimate and expansive spaces for clients to congregate, to play, to dream?

Q 4: How is your work influenced by the Landscape of your project? 

#IntDesignerChat May 24, 2011  TOPIC: How Your Work Is Influenced By The Landscape  PDF  topic-IntDesignerChat-2011-05-24

Photo Credit:  Phillips CollectionWest Elm

One Response to “#IntDesignerChat May 24, 2011 Topic: How Your Work Is Influenced By The Landscape”

  1. Vicki O'Neal May 23, 2011 at 9:35 pm #

    I am a grateful and lucky person- to “play” at what I love every day in my interior and landscape design practice! I believe in the continuity and integration of design, commercial or residential, and that the principles of good design are universal. In many ways, landscape design is more challenging than interior design. It is not static, there are many hard to control variables affecting it’s success, and it needs to look terrific the first day and yet be sustainable. A challenge I love! Thanks for this topic!

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