#IntDesignerChat June 7, 2011 Topic: Running A Successful Design Office

6 Jun

Join Interior Designer Chat on twitter, Tuesday June 7, 2011 for a virtual discussion on Topic: Running a Successful Design Office.  Share, learn, and inspire with our International Interior Designer Chat Community of Interior Designers, Architects + Home Decor Professionals. at 6p ET, 5p CT, 4p MT, 3p PT and 11p GMT.

Q 1: Share with us…how you create a collaborative and supportive environment within your design business?

Q 2: Have you taken the time to get the knowledge and experience you need in business by working for someone else?

Q 3: How important are long term relationships with trades and suppliers? Is this assigned position/job in your biz?

Q 4: Interior Design Business Success is A State of Mind …. What’s on your mind?

Q 5: What books do you recommend for business? What Magazines help your business learning and growing?

#IntDesignerChat June 7, 2011 TweetReports of Topic: Running A Succesful Design Office  topic-IntDesignerChat-2011-06-07

Photo Credit: Lonny Magazine

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