#IntDesignerChat June 21, 2011 Cottage Style – Fabric, Colors, and Furniture

20 Jun

The dictionary defines “cottage” as a usually small vacation home.  From seashore cottage,  a lace-curtained farmhouse, a little house in the big woods,  a lake house or mountain cabin cottage we’ll be discussing designing for that dreamy cottage retreat.   Get ready to talk fabric, color, accessories, treatments for walls, windows,  furnishings and accents to play up the inherent coziness of a wonderfully snug cottage retreat.   Join us on twitter at #IntDesignerChat Tuesday at 6p ET, 5p CT, 4p MT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT.

What decorating tools do you need to turn any cottage into an everyday getaway?

How do you bring the outdoors into cottage design?

Describe some of the ways you create eco-friendly cottage design?

How do you design cottage coziness with traditional eighteenth century furniture in the cottage living room?

Cottage is a “one size fits all” style,  how do you work your design  magic in bedrooms of virtually any size or shape?

What does your own great escape look like?

June 21 #IntDesignerChat Topic: Cottage Style transcript topic-IntDesignerchat-2011-06-21

Photo credit: stand out cabin design

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