Let Your Creativity Flag Fly

30 Jun

Let your 140 Characters Of   Twitter Creativity Fly!

Interior Designer Chat is looking for the best of  #IntDesignerChat tweets.  At the heart of Interior Designer Chat is a pure desire to inspire, teach and build others in our community of International Interior Designers, Interior Architects, Kitchen & Bath Designers, and Home Decor Professionals.  No single person is an expert in all these area’s and we are all learning right along with one another.

At the height of July, when shoes are optional Interior Designer Chat is looking for creative #IntDesignerChat tweets.  Ones the fly and take wings, amidst our international community of professionals.  We’ll choose three winners, who will win a Starbucks Gift Card, simply by creating a #IntDesigerChat tweet.   The tweet’s that take wings and fly among our community will be judged and chosen as winners by our Interior Designer Chat team.

The Rules:

Keep it easy, professional, maybe even casual, and still memorable.

You must use the hashtag #IntDesignerChat

Post your tweet here on our Interior Designer Chat blog comments.   And tweet your entry 3x or more by July 31.

The three winners will be announced on August 1st from our @IntDesignerChat twitter account.

Three separate winners will win a Starbucks Gift Card. 

The winners must supply address to Interior Designer Chat by August. 9, 2011 in order to qualify.

Show your Interior Designer Chat community spirit this July.   Your tweets we promise will make us smile.


One Response to “Let Your Creativity Flag Fly”

  1. Eitz Hadar Woodworks July 4, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    #IntDesignerChat Tues 6pm Eastern. Be there or be so-totally-last-year! B-)

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