#IntDesignerChat July 12, 2011 Topic: The Well Appointed Guest Room

11 Jul

A stylish, well-appointed guest room gives a sense of comfort hotels can’t match for a weary  traveler.  This Tuesday July 12, 2012 #IntDesignerChat will be discussing what could make any visitor want to stay awhile.  Join us on twitter @IntDesignerChat Tuesday, July 12 at 6pm EDT, 3pm PDT, and 11pm GMT for a virtual discussion on gorgeous guest rooms.

Photo Credit:  Architectural Digest: AD 100 designer Jennifer Post

Q 1: How do we design to make guests feel comfortable in the Guest Rooms of Apartments or homes? #intDesignerChat

Q 2: You are designing a Guest Room that is about peace and quiet. What products would you spec for this project? #IntDesignerChat

Q 3: A client wants u to design a beautiful Eco-Friendly #substainable #green Guest Room. What products would u specify? #IntDesignerChat

Q 4: We design 4 guests 2 feel welcome + stay. What are some tip for keeping visitors from wearing out their welcomes? #IntDesignerChat

Recap/transcript for July 12, 2011 TOPIC: The Well Appointed Guest Room topic-IntDesignerChat-2011-07-12


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