#IntDesignerChat July 19 Topic: The Allure of Glamorous Spaces

18 Jul

How we inspire and design rooms that will captivate and transport others into a world filled with glamour, decadence and grand opulence.  From a hacienda in Hollywood to a bohemian loft in Manhattan’s West Village.    Join Interior Designer Chat on twitter, Tuesday @IntDesignerChat for a touch of glamour, the allure of antiques,  chic decor, and style.

Q 1: What elements bring glamour to a space?

Q 2: How do you make Glamour, Modern?

Q. 3: When it comes to glamorous #lighting, in a dinning room space what defines show-stopping?

Q 4: How do you incorporate draperies into #glamorous spaces? (use of #colors, #fabrics, and accessories to pull together?)

Q 5: What architects and interior designers have influenced your design style when it comes to glamorous spaces?

Photo:  Traditional Home,  2010 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Designer- Judy Hadlock, Old Town Crossing, Southampton, New York

#IntDesignerChat July 19, 2011 Topic: The Allure of Glamorous Spaces transcript topic-IntDesignerChat-2011-07-19


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