#IntDesignerChat Guest Host August 9, 2011 – Beth Kushnick @GoodWifeSetDec TOPIC: Decoration and Design Inspirations with Beth Kushnick

2 Aug

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Beth Kushnick started her career as a Set Decorator in the film and television industry over twenty-five years ago. A native New Yorker, she has a design background in film, television, commercials, exhibitions and private residences. Beth initially worked in the theatre and has a BFA from Syracuse University and The National Theatre Institute. Her feature film credits include Reversal of Fortune, Hide and Seek, Rounders, Mortal Thoughts, and Private Parts. Beth has decorated the East Coast units of The Insider, Jumanji, Frequency, Wanted, and National Treasure. Her television credits include Fringe, Kings, Trial By Jury, and Conviction. She was the set decorator for The Metropolitan Museums Costume Collection exhibition The Model As Muse. Beth is a Hall of Fame Inductee and board member of The Set Decorators Society of America as well as a member of both The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Currently Beth shows off her set decorating talents on the celebrated CBS series The Good Wife. She also has a design blog The Good Look of The Good Wife where she takes questions from fans at www.cbs.com  You can follow Beth on twitter@goodwifesetdec

Q 1: How do you decorate a room to be elegant when a quick turn around time is part of the job requirement?

Q 2: Can you explain to @IntDesignerChat how sourcing for decorating has changed in the past couple of years?

Q 3: When decorating a set what are some of the most important factors and considerations?

Q 4: How does the collaboration process work in set decoration? #IntDesignerChat

#IntDesignerChat  August 9, 2011 Guest Host Beth Kushnick @GoodWifeSetDec transcript/recap IntDesignerChat-2011-08-09-transcript_TGW


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