#IntDesignerChat Sept. 13, 2011 Topic: Top Influences Of Interior Design Trends

12 Sep

Portland based creative agency Parliament.

South African interior/furniture designer Katie Thompson brilliantly imagined collection of recycled furniture called Recreate.

The Lego Kitchen was created by Munchausen

Pantone Fall 2011 Trends

Victoria and Richard MacKenzie’s children’s home aboard the historic 1907 Yankee Ferry, afloat in the New York City Harbor.

Join Interior Designer Chat on Tuesday as we discuss the top influences on interior design trends.  From fashion and travel to food and culture,  come  take a journey with our international community and find out what influences Interior Design Trends throughout the world.  Join us on twitter at 6pm EDT, 11pm GMT using the hashtag #IntDesignerChat.

Photo credits: trendland.net

Q 1: How do you recognize design trends? 

Q 2: What resources do you use, to recognize trends? 

Q 3: How do you integrate past and present to participate in global merchandising?

Q 4: How do you professionally learn with a global outlook and engage in learning and growing throughout your career?

Transcript/ReCap of Sept. 13, 2011 #IntDesignerChat Topic: Top Influences Of Interior Design Trends topic-IntDesignerChat-2011-09-13


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