#IntDesignerChat Oct. 25 Guest Host – Melissa Galt TOPIC: How To Balance Your Biz And Your Life.

18 Oct

Guest Host – Melissa Galt @melissagalt 

Melissa is a renowned interior designer, lifestyle coach, success mentor, speaker, and author. She is known for saving careers, rescuing relationships, igniting health improvements, catalyzing success for startups, and generally taking her clients from out of focus and overwhelm to clarity of purpose, on path with passion, profiting with their talents, and living the life of their dreams.  She is the author of Celebrate Your Life: The Art of Celebrating Everyday and ebooks including 7 Surefire Steps to Marketing That Make You Money, giving you a sneak peek at her winning strategies and systems for success.

Identified by FORBES as one of the Top 20 Women of Influence on Twitter, Melissa empowers you to lead your live your best life now, by design.  She shows you how to clearly architect your dreams, simply design your goals, easily build your support systems, so you too can decorate your life with rewards and results.

Melissa’s work and best practices have been widely featured in publications including The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Catalyst, Southern Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Planhouse, Atlanta Style and more. She is a popular speaker for corporations, women’s organizations, and associations and can often be heard on radio and TV talk shows sharing her expertise and motivating change.

Melissa credits her success and her inspiration to her rich heritage. She is the grand granddaughter of lifestyle pioneer and American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, often considered America’s most famous architect.  Her mother was the late Oscar winning actress, Anne Baxter, best known for her title role as Eve in All About Eve, and as Princess Nefertiri in The Cecil B. DeMille epic The Ten Commandments.  Both these extraordinary individuals instilled in Melissa the knowledge that belief in yourself and your dreams makes all things possible.  She shows clients how to take the lead and be the star in their own lives and professions.  


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