#IntDesignerChat Nov. 29 Topic: The Business Of Design In 2012

27 Nov

How do we define good design…and  how do we promote it?   We all benefit from good design…how do we use it to benefit others?  

Barbara Segal the Founder of  #IntDesignerChat and President of  Barbara Segal & Associates, a Public Relations and Social Media firm as well as being the President/Sr. Designer of  Noir Blanc Interiors,  an established Interior Design Firm and the successful #IDC2011 Education and Design Worth Spreading, will lead @IntDesignerChat  Nov. 29, 2011  Topic: The Business Of Design 2012.  

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How will you attract clients in 2012?

What is your firms practice of marking up furniture to sell to clients in 2012?

Since most clients can get access to most of the goods designers have access to, this method of billing has come into question.  What separates clients from designers is not so much the ability to find furnishings as it is the way you put everything together. 

Where will you put your Marketing and PR efforts in 2012?

Being the best kept secret in our business is not a great idea… You need to market and get your name out there when you’re the busiest.  If you wait until you ‘need’ the work, it’s too late.

Where are you learning about project management?  

What education and industry shows do you plan to attend in 2012?

What are your key challenges for the business year ahead?


One Response to “#IntDesignerChat Nov. 29 Topic: The Business Of Design In 2012”

  1. Brooke November 28, 2011 at 9:19 am #

    So glad I found out about this chat! Can’t wait!

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