Join the The Ultimate Holiday Party with James Swan @IntDesignerChat Dec. 13 And Give Yourself The Gift Of Success

6 Dec

Join the The Ultimate Holiday Party with James Swan @IntDesignerChat Dec. 13 And Give Yourself the Gift of Success

Let’s face it; there’s nothing easy about the Holiday Season. There are days when I’m hard pressed to find joy in any of the madness that creeps in to life during the last 45 days of the year. So rather than go all postal on everyone I make a point of carving out a few well planed islands of sanity, typically supported by an adult beverage or two, with my nearest and dearest.  We laugh, cry and give each other the space we need to endure another round of corporate parties, kid’s pageants and shopping mall excursions.

So please join me for #IntDesignerChat Tuesday, December 13, 2011.  Let’s lift a glass (I’m suggesting Bellini’s…that wonderful creation of Giuseppe Cipriani whose recipe is found below) share a holiday hug and for a few moments ponder the successes in store for each of us in 2012.

Your unwrapped gifts, unfed families and unreturned phone calls can just wait.

Oh, and I’ve got some fun prizes to give-away, as well as a surprise guest or two!

The Cipriani Bellini
Adapted from “The Harry’s Bar Cookbook”

White peach puree
Simple syrup, optional

If you can’t find frozen puree, use a food mill or meat grinder along with a fine sieve to make the pulp from white peaches (never use yellow peaches).  Refrigerate the puree until it is very cold.  If the peach is very tart, sweeten it with simple syrup.

When the puree is ready, combine with Prosecco: 1 part peach puree to 3 parts Prosecco (or 1 oz peach puree to 3 oz Prosecco).

Pour the mixture into well-chilled glasses and serve.

Guest Host James Swan

James Swan is head of his own lifestyle, interior design and media brand. He has crafted classically influenced interiors and has worked across the United States for clients who have included captains of industry, movie studio heads, investment bankers, and real estate developers. He was recognized with the VOX/Out Designer of the Year award, and has been featured in House & Garden, House Beautiful, and the Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune and The Miami Herald and is a featured writer at  His best selling book “101 Things I Hate About Your House” ( recently received The USA “Best Books 2011” Award and is causing homemakers and industry insiders to giggle, a lot.  Swan has served on the Board of Directors for the California Chapter of The Institute for Classical Architecture.  From 2005-2009, Swan has been a member of the Executive Board of Directors of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund.  His other community commitments include PAWS/LA, which assists with the care of pets for people living with disabilities, and KidSmart, an art education foundation for inner-city youth.  In his free time, Swan may be found indulging his passion for gardening, skiing and travel.  Currently he lives and works in Boston.



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