#IntDesignerChat Feb. 14, Topic: Why We ♥♥♥♥ Pinterest @NoirBlancDesign Shares: “The Value Added To Your Personal Brand”

13 Feb

What is Pinterest you ask? It’s a social networking site, basically a virtual pin board for all of your loves.   “Pin” and “interest” the title pretty much spells it out.  The way it works is, you have a “Pin It” button in your bookmarks bar, when you see something you like, you click in the button. The image can be from anywhere websites, blogs, online magazines, other Pinterest members. You create boards for all different types of categories and voila you have instant image organization!  Some use it for a virtual bulletin board, a Web-based scrapbook,  and Pinterest has been very popular for wedding planning.  It works great for whatever your interests are.  Especially niche interest where you can gather more info.  More and more companies will be jumping on board.  Pinterest, in less then two years, is already one of the most popular social networks in the world, as measured by engagement, according to data from comScore, via BI Intelligence.

For those of us in the creative field, Pinterest is an excellent way to express our creative visions.  Join Barbara Segal, on Tuesday February 14th,       for a valentine’s day date and global conversation on, “Why We Love Pinterest.”   Barbara will  lead us in a global discussion of, “The value added to your personal brand that Pinterest is bringing to the social media platform.”

Join Barbara Segal founder of  @IntDesignerChat and her top Pinterest guests on Twitter, Tuesday February 14, 20122  at 6p EST, 5p CST, 3p, PST, and 11p GMT.  Get ready to share your pins and Pinterest boards and share why you ♥♥♥♥ Pinterest.


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