#IntDesignerChat March 27 Topic: Using The Power Of Social Media To Communicate, Connect, and Collaborate

26 Mar

How are you using the power of social media for communications and connections,  that are emerging into collaborations?  Tuesday March 27, 2012 at #IntDesignerChat we’ll examine how this level of exposure has changed the way people approach the business of design.

Social Media is powerful in that it helps to make connections, build relationships, and even build a business!  Any one can hop on the social media train and reach out, get engaged, and get connected! Whether you’re a professional designer, artist,  architect,  manufacturer, vendor, or a blogger there are tools abound that you can use to snazz up your web presence.  This Tuesday at #IntDesignerChat we’ll talk to the experts about what they use for inspiration, collaboration, and getting down to the business of design in a social media world.

As social media makes it easier to share our lives,  we’re seeing a new kind of ideal emerge.  Is it any surprise?

How does one  attract potential customers and online friends and become a social media maven?

What are some of the social media platforms that are changing the game of the design business?

Why do you think Manufactures/Brands should collaborate more now?  What parameters would be important to making a collaboration successful?

Is collaborating with SM friends/businesses a priority in 2012?   If so explain why?


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