#IntDesignerChat July 31 TOPIC: Building Your Personal Brand With Pinterest

30 Jul

Obviously there’s tons of opportunity for the Interior Designer Chat communities visually stimulating businesses on Pinterest.   However, to do it right, you still need to use some strategy!

The Top 5 Followed Industries of Pinterest are:

1. Home Decor

2: Art

3: Design

4: Women’s Apparel

5: Photography

This week  Interior Designer Chat founder, Barbara Segal share’s how her marketing senses start to tingle at the many mistakes being made on Pinterest.   Many we’ve discussed in prior #IntDesignerChat Topics.

  1. Pins with no descriptions-this is a great opportunity for keywords
  2. No unique boards
  3. No board descriptions. This is also an opportunity for keywords as well as a an opportunity to add your website as a follow us and a “pin it” button on your blog or products
  4. Businesses and pinners uploading pics but not linking (or crediting the source)
  5. Posting all of your own blog posts, portfolio information and products to your board so everything is obviously a self promotion
  6. Writing a wall of text – balance is important as users are here primarily to view and share images
  7. Not promoting your pins via other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,  and etc.
  8. Flooding Pinterest with too many pins
  9. Posting every pin to Twitter.  Spammy  to all your  Twitter follows
  10. Only pinning your own items but not repining, liking, following people, or commenting on others’ pin – No user interaction.

Join this Tuesday #IntDesignerChat with Barbara Segal as Host.  Barbara will share advice on:   

  • How to become known as a thought leader in your niche by engaging  and pinning regularly to Pinterest.
  • Using a strategies that show you’re personal brand/brand  is  current and interesting.
  • How to get re-pins to other popular pin boards to build  your business.
  • How to easily drive traffic back to your website or blog by sharing your industry knowledge.
  • The power of collaboration boards.  Why you should start your own for branding, events, and cause marketing.

Join Interior Designer Chat global discussion on Twitter,  Tuesday July 31 at 6p ET, 5p CT, 4p MT, 3p PT,  11p GMT , and Wed 8a OZ.   And brush up those Pinterest boards and get pinning!  This weeks #IntDesignerChat will be a personal branding opportunity to show off your Pinterest Boards.

Photo credit: Contemporary Home Office design by Other Metros Interior Designer Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.


One Response to “#IntDesignerChat July 31 TOPIC: Building Your Personal Brand With Pinterest”

  1. Courtney July 30, 2012 at 7:14 am #

    Awesome, can’t wait! Barbara, your boards are incredible- there is a lot to learn from you! I will be there with bells on.

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