#IntDesignerChat August 28 Topic: Commerical vs. Residential

26 Aug

What’s your experience from commercial compared to residential?   Tuesday, August 28 join Interior Designer Chat on twitter for a global discussion on the how different is commercial versus residential design.   Designing for commercial and residential is different, even when the mediums are still the same, whether it’s  case goods, fabrics, lighting, furniture, and so on.

Commercial design:   There are numerous specialization areas associated with commercial design.  Designers specializing in entertainment work on television, theaters, movies, clubs, theme park, and arena projects. Commercial designers focused on governmental projects work on schools, fire and police stations, libraries, courts, museums, public transportation terminals and other government buildings. Health Care design specialists design hospitals, nursing homes, examination rooms and waiting rooms. Focusing on hospitality and luxury, some commercial designers work on hotels, restaurants,  country clubs, cruise ships, bars, and major conference areas.  Commercial designers can specialize in office design and work to create work spaces that are fully utilized but that also create a productive and appealing work environment. There are also designers concentrated on retail and store design.

Residential design: introduces the  clients to a new place of freedom and changes the way people live their lives through design  environments.  Often, a designer who primarily works in homes will specialize in a particular part of residential design. It is common for designers to specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, home offices and custom furniture and home appliance design.  People want their homes to be extensions of themselves and expressions of personal individuality.  While this type of interior design may seem much less limited than commercial design, it takes just as much creativity and innovation.

Make time to join our global discussion Tuesday at 6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT for a global discussion on Commercial versus Residential Design.  



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