#IntDesignerChat Nov. 6, OPEN @IntDesignerChat Community Conversation

4 Nov

November 6, 2012 is an important day for the United States where we are based, it’s election day.  Interior Designer Chat wants to encourage all in our Community to make getting out to VOTE in the US Presidential election their most import priority.  We also have many in our Interior Designer Chat community suffering from hurricane Sandy, now is  a time to come together!  Share with your International friends in the industry  Nov. 6 , 2012 at #IntDesignerChat during our OPEN conversation  Tuesday on twitter.   The @IntDesignerChat Community will  lead the conversation!  We will bring a question or two to get the conversation started and then spend most of our time listening.

The Future Is Ours To Create.  We community builders celebrate our communities growth and have high hopes for the future.  Through the use of social media, and our Interior Designer Chat online community, design professionals now have the ability to reach, connect with, learn from and influence other professionals who share an interest or a passion in the topics of interest.   Thought leadership is the new currency of credibility.  But the question, what will the future look like, dominates our  conversations.

When joining Interior Designer Chat for one hour on Twitter, you learn to pack an emotionally smart punch in 140 characters using the hashtag #IntDesingerChat which is part of the exciting challenge.  The greater value for most attendees is simply three-fold:

  1. Learning

  1. Sharing

  1. Networking (Friendship and Social Community)

Interior Designer Chat is the International community of Interior Designers, Interior Architects,  Kitchen and Bath designers, and professionals in the Home Decor Industry. Our weekly twitter chat has International attendance every Tuesday at 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 4pm MST, 3pm PST, and 11pm GMT.  We use the hashtag #IntDesignerChat and our Twitter handle is @IntDesignerChat.  We also have a LinkedIn Group for professional participants of our weekly Interior Designer Chat.  We’re on Google + and hangouts, we have a  FaceBook Fan Page, Collaborative Pinterest Boards, and IDC Education And Design Worth Spreading.

Transparent since our Twitter chat start in June of 2010,  Interior Designer Chat is a volunteer team of working professionals in the design industry.  Each week Barbara Segal the founder and moderator of Interior Designer Chat and our 2012 Interior Designer Chat Ambassadors: Patti Johnson, Andrew Dunning, Adèle Young, and Judy Moore all volunteer by GIVING back to the Interior Designer Chat community.  This involves dedication, time, and professionalism which has produced educational, conversational,  collaborative relationship with a global growing community.  Our community, are the thought leaders in the design industry.  Week after week,  hundreds of global participants are sharing and spreading the professional design influence, elevating others like minded professionals, and inspiring a evolution of change.

Our mission statement is: You’ve got to give to get.  Many brands, publishers, broadcasters are listening and as communities are driving the future of marketing.  We know meaningful peer connections, idea exchange and collaboration truly take place.  Not surprisingly, this mirrors the advantage of a strong, intimate in-person meeting versus a large industry conference.  Our chat  also offer a new and more sophisticated opportunity to develop and showcase true thought leadership from the our global participants in the community and we feature the best as Guest Hosts who are thought leaders.

Join us our  Interior designer Chat community for a open chat discussion November 6, 2012 and share what’s on your mind.  #IntDesignerChat on twitter is an online community center, serving a useful purpose for our growing community.  

Many uncertain changes and challenges have us wondering, what will the future look like?

What lies ahead for the future of Interior Designer, Designers, Architect’s, Kitchen and Bath Professionals, and Home Decor Professionals?  What are our biggest challenges?

With our #IntDesignerChat community growth comes Community Management.   Who are the leaders who will step up to help make our @IntDesignerChat community a safe place for all to share?

Interior Designer Chat reserves the transparent right to not share this Transcript*


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