#IntDesignerChat Jan. 08 First @IntDesignerChat Of The Year. How will you make a difference in 2013?

2 Jan


A growing number of  professionals in business have been flocking to #IntDesignerChat on Twitter for real-time advice, support and networking since 2010.   Interior Designer Chat is a Twitter chat that  allow  professionals in the world of work – from young business owners to business people in the C-suite to artisans and more, to gather together online and talk like never before.

Since June of 2010 #IntDesignerChat has been a successful chat because of our lively community that actively share around the chat’s topic, we are consistent with promotion and our twitter chat happens every Tuesday internationally at 6p ET with timely discussion around a topic that the community cares about.  #IntDesignerChat  also provides the opportunity to meet and talk directly with industry experts.  #IntDesignerChat Founder Barbara Segal has brought a caliber of guests host to #IntDesignerChat that is a huge draw.  Avid chat participant use  #IntDesignerChat to brainstorm with guest speakers as it is an immeasurable source of knowledge.

Why is #IntDesignerChat so popular?

  1. There’s the chance to receive expert or peer knowledge in a format that’s more dynamic than a webinar.
  2. There’s an avenue for continuing to maintain contact with those participating via Twitter, without anyone exposing their private information before they’re ready.
  3. Being able to participate live, in real time, in such a (simple) format eliminates some of the barriers that keep us from attending teleconferences, webinars, video meeting or in-person events.

It’s one thing to create your social presence and another to make it successful.  In building anything, you have to first build a strong foundation.   Interior Designer Chat presence here is strong  and as a community.  In 2013 it will be easier to build upon it with your supporting knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment.  Let’s make sure we  are worthy of a standing ovation in 2013.

Lights, Camera, Action! Our First 2013 #IntDesignerChat starts rolling Jan. 8 at 6p EST, 5p CST, 4p MST, 3p PST,  11p GMT  and Wed. 8z Oz



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