#IntDesignerChat Jan.15 Topic: The Importance of Blogging For Business In 2013

13 Jan


Join Interior Designer Chat on Twitter,  Tuesday January 15, 2013 for a lively global discussion on the importance of blogging for business in 2013.   Many in our #IntDesignerChat community have learned how to build a personal brand for themselves,  via their blogs and their design career.    We’ll be discussing why it’s important to blog for your business and the benefits many are receiving.  It’s no secret in the design industry, that design bloggers have become main stream.   This Topic is one of our most popular!  Learn with the most accomplished bloggers and network with leading design bloggers.

This week Design Bloggers will share:

How they are using their blogs to fuel their businesses

What are the Interior Design Trends in 2013

How to build business through inbound Marketing

The future of Blogs, Pinterest, Content

How as Design Bloggers they are creating inspirational content

How to build traffic through Facebook, Twitter, and Search

How to build and engage your audience with information and inspiration

Make international connections  and tweet with the design blogosphere  Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at #IntDesignerChat on Twitter at 6pm EST, 3pm PST, and 11pm GMT.   Interior Designer Chat is the leading Twitter Chat for Business in the Design Industry.

Photo Credit:  shetakesontheworld.com


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