#IntDesignerChat Feb. 26 Topic: Organization And Closet Design In Interior Design

24 Feb

A Closet Dream

A Butler Pantry

A Closet wood

A Closet Bed

Wall Bed Designs – California Closets DFW

A Closet His

Custom storage solutions make a house more tranquil and can create an enormous sense of well-being that our clients will carry with them the entire day. Life is easier when a  house is free of clutter.   The perfect master closet has become  a prerequisite in interior design as of late.   And it’s not just women who are demanding the additional space.  Men are becoming more and more interested in the storage options available to them in potential home purchases.  Proper design and organizational tools can help improve the chi in your master bedroom.

Well design closet space is key to living well in any size home.  Organization in design leads to neat, beautiful and organized.

A Closet 2 story

Join Interior Designer Chat on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 for a global discussion with world-class designer on our topic: organization and closet design in interior design.  6pm EST, 5pm CST, 3pm PST, and 11pm GMT.

Photo credits: Pinterest and Houzz.com


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  1. GRNY Renovation February 25, 2013 at 3:24 pm #

    You can count us in!

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