#IntDesignerChat March 5 Guest Host Megan Weaver @meganweaverDSGN Topic: Paint And Wallpaper

1 Mar


Guest Host Megan Weaver @meganweaverDSGN 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Megan Weaver inherited her eye for design from her mother who turned their modest houses into beautiful homes on a strict budget. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University, Weaver worked for Steven Spielberg at Amblin Entertainment. While she enjoyed the process of feature film development and production, Weaver was often seen moving furniture around and decorating the assistant’s offices to keep up with the Michael S. Smith designed offices of the President and VP.

As a Ford model, Weaver traveled the world on various photo assignments. Along the way, she picked up art and antiques inspired by design ideas she found in the scenic and unusual places she visited. In 2012, Weaver began working alongside general contractor Eric Stromer and his brother Kurt on Season 1 of A&E’s home makeover series “Hideous Houses.” The talented trio transformed the local town eyesore into the envy of the neighborhood with just four days and $20,000 to do it. Currently, Weaver and her Los Angeles based team work with an extensive list of clients through her business, Megan Weaver Designs, designing everything from Malibu lake houses to baby nurseries. http://www.meganweaverdesign.com/

Join #IntDesignerChat Tuesday, March 5, 2013 with Guest Host Megan Weaver@meganweaverDSGN sharing her global knowledge and inspiration on the  Topic:  Paint And Wallpaper.  6p EST, 5p CST, 3p CST, and 11p GMT


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