#IntDesignerChat Tuesday April 16, Topic: Designing Office Interiors

14 Apr

Mad Men office

Join Interior Designer Chat   Tuesday, April 16, 2013 and share how you are providing superior design services, furnishings,  installation,  and service to your customers in office design.  We’ll explore, how we cater to the individual needs of our clients who expect quality, experience, and comprehensive service.  And how design solutions use space, color, materials, energy and light as tools to create healthy environments that enhance performance.

Contemporary Home Office by Austin Interior Designer PPDS

Contemporary Home Office by Austin Interior Designer PPDS

Whether you’re designing a corporate office, or transforming a home.  Designing Office Interiors requires  fresh and comprehensive solutions that reflect clients unique personality and needs.  Today a home is not a home unless it has a home office.  Whether you are turning an extra bedroom into a work space  with furniture or constructing a full-scale two level library and office, home offices are a regular part of what makes a house a home.

Yves Béhar chairs and white board panels furnish a meeting room.

Yves Béhar chairs and white board panels furnish a meeting room.

Great interior design  has extraordinary effects on one’s wellness and productivity.  Professionals today spend most of their time in offices, so whether it is a home office or corporate one, organized and clean work spaces are one of the vital factors in Designing Office Interiors. we must take into consideration the spaces useful and explore how we source products and resources that procure uniqueness when designing a space.   Make sure to join Interior Designer Chat’s twitter chat on Tuesday, April 16 at 6pm EDT, 5pm CDT, 3pm PDT, and 11p GMT we use the hashtag #IntDesignerChat.    Join #IntDesignerChat community of thought leadership,  global sharing, learning, and exploring the topic: Designing Office Interiors.  Be prepared to share and learn about:

  • commercial furniture and furnishings
  • interior design office furniture
  • modern office interior design

  • large office interiors
  • small office interiors
  • design solutions use of space
  • color
  • Space Planning
  • lighting
  • sustainability

Photo credits:  Top to bottom: Pinterest,  Houzz, Interior Design Magazine


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