#IntDesignerChat May 7 Topic: Take What You Need

5 May

A -Take What You Need

Interior Designer Chats planned topics are well thought out and factually used as a resource thorough out the home improvement industry and design industry.   #IntDesignerChat  vision as the first Twitter Chat has been true to giving back and building individuals in the industry as thought leaders.  One of the ways we do this is  by sharing our transcripts, analytics,  by hashtracking.com which is a wealth of information.   Tuesday May 7 #IntDesignerChat will open up our conversation about social media’s value in business networking.

“Even though a lot of people treat social media as a free-for-all to do or say whatever they please, there are obviously best practices to pay attention to, especially if you are joining the chat in a professional capacity.” Alisa Meredith article:  Twitter Chat Etiquette (ezanga.com)   As our #IntDesignerChat Community has grown,  we now are experiencing  the effects of  Organizations, Brands, Tribes, and  Social Media Agencies that have started Twitter chats  for the business of making money as well as communities that are backed by top venture capital firms.   #IntDesignerChat believes by  being around the people whose behavior is  changing  lies the key to our successful.  

#IntDesignerChat has been giving back to the design industry since June 2010.  We’ve been blessed to have  top Ambassadors in the design industry who have volunteered their time and given back to the design community.  The #IntDesignerChat Community has bonded internationally and many of us have had the opportunities to meet each other at design centers,  trade shows, IDC Education & Design Worth Spreading Events, Live #IntDesignerChat Tweet ups, and blogging events around the world.   For years now, Interior Designer Chat has “given back” and has shared global education and  helped others to become thought leaders in the design industry. 

Interior Designer Chat was launched  by @NoirBlancDesign as a  Focus on Getting Better,  Rather than Being Good by having specific topics and questions discussed with other design professionals.    Some refer to #IntDesignerChat as a  Design University.   For digital marketers ( marketers) #IntDesignerChat is where they can reach influencers on social media.   For over 151 weeks our founder @NoirBlancDesign Barbara Segal has prepared  educational discussions and  worked with the industry’s top leaders using Twitter as a learning tool.  Hundreds participate internationally in our weekly twitter chat and #IntDesignerChat has provided the results of analytics  and transcripts via Hashtracking.com and TweetReports.com to the industry, with the ability to: Take What You Need.

#IntDesignerChat vision  began as “Giving Back”  in June of 2010, now three years forward  in 2013   Twitter Chats are  valuable industry resources .  #IntDesignerChat has stayed true its mission:  You Have To Give To Get.  A brand sponsor, who has given back to the Community has agreed to Give Back to our Community in the form of education.  Interior Designer Chat has promoted sponsorship under 140 characters on twitter stating (SP) and  a disclaimer on our blog.  Never have we used our community for profit.   Barbara Segal, Interior Designer Chats Founder has turned down many large organizations who have wanted to take from the #IntDesignerChat Community (i.e. Publishers, Industry Organizations) without giving back.   The question always is clearly defined by our original #IntDesignerChat mission statement:  What are they giving back to the #IntDesignerChat Community?    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released their newest .com disclosure guidelines, the first new release since the year 2000. The new rules  are requiring Twitter users to be very clear about what is a paid or “sponsored”  Tweet.   Disclosure is not a bad thing.  It gives one the total picture for better judgment or decision.  

How, then, does one lead the changing of  Twitter Chats?

  • The design work environment is demanding
  • A job site is full attention  
  • Running a small business is  hands on way past the 9-5 work hours
  • Designers who Blog are now press or advertisers for brands

Do you believe  if you alter the environment,  people will adapt to it?    Or do we behave based on the reality around us?

What we are seeing around us at #IntDesignerChat is  Twitter Chats have become a businesses.  As a pioneer in Twitter Chats we have always known we are an attractive playground for the social media crowd.   Join us Tuesday May 7, 2013 on twitter using hashtag #IntDesignerChat for our Topic: Take What You Need.  As a community we’ll be discussing why we need to all be involved in evolving.   We will ask  #IntDesignerChat to discuss our Guidelines  and update them as the community deems necessary and discuss why as community we have guidelines.   And we’ll open up our conversation about social media’s value in business networking.   Set your ical for Tuesday May 7, 6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT.


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