#IntDesignerChat May 14 Topic: How Important Is Branding To The Choices We Make In Our Design Projects?

12 May


Join Interior Designer Chat Tuesday, May 14, 2013  for a global discussion on:  How important is branding to the choices we make in our design projects? 

  • “What do the brands you choose promise?  Not their ad campaign, but the relationship you have or expect with that product.”  Branding translates to values. 
  • “How are we using branding to grow our design business?” 
  • “Do you use brands to project how you feel about the world?” Sustainability. 
  • “How do you maintain satisfaction with finished projects? Or do you go back and update and change them?” Enduring satisfaction.

“Design has to instruct culture, and then culture makes the change. The power of design is that it can start to create the awareness.”Alex Bogusky

“I believe that “brand” is a stand-in, a euphemism, a shortcut for a whole bunch of expectations, worldview connections, experiences, and promises that a product or service makes, and these allow us to work our way through a world that has thirty thousand brands that we have to make decisions about every day.” ~ Seth Godin Entrepreneurship Guru

“The things people put on display inevitably generate a kind of inertia. In a world where we now have extraordinarily efficient ways of communicating and displaying, the question of who you are becomes incredibly complicated.

I think that brands are a part of this. When you surround yourself with certain kinds of objects, they become a public statement about who you are. There are hundreds of choices that are necessary to fill out your life with objects and things, and I think that requires an inner logic as well.

Maybe the modern version of introspection is the sum total of all those highly individualized choices that we make about the material content of our lives.” ~ Mark Gladwell Best Selling Author

“Brands promise a certain affiliation that we end up benefiting from — the benefits come from the association and the affiliation. Then we can use them to project how we want to be seen in the world.” ~ Debbie Millman

Set your ical for Tuesday May 14 for the industries leading Twitter Chat #IntDesignerChat 6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, 11p GMT and 8am OZ Wed. 

Photo Credit:  www.careerealism.com


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