Your Invited Tuesday June 18, 2013 To #IntDesignerChat’s 3rd Anniversary!

16 Jun


Strong, Professional, Passionate, Global, Forward Thinking! #IntDesignerChat

Tuesday June 18th join the hashtag community #IntDesignerChat on Twitter, as we celebrate our third anniversary of being the industry’s top Twitter Chat.   The Interior Designer Chat Community was Twitter launched on June 15th, 2010 by founder Barbara Segal for professional in interior design, architecture, lighting, kitchen and bath professionals, artists and anyone in the home furnishing industry.   We have so much to celebrate!  We have grown as a strong, professional community and united the design professionals by coming together internationally!

The #IntDesignerChat Community has enjoyed the industry’s Top Experts as Guest Hosts sharing knowledge and giving back inspiration. Industry Brands have given back education, live tweet ups and industry events and parties  that have given our Community inspiration!  Interior Designer Chat has become a leading industry resource in the design industry, and that means YOU have influenced our industry as a community participant.  Our wonderful Interior Designer Chat Ambassadors have volunteered at helping to WELCOME everyone who joins us every Tuesday, and as a team we help manage our global Community.   Three years have flown by of week after week of tweeting  questions and answers for an hour with hundred of professionals,  many of whom you have never met in far away lands,  all within the context of 140 characters or less.   Three years ago, everyone thought we were a little crazy!  We all love sharing our #IntDesignerChat in real life meet up stories, about the people in our circles of life, who don’t understand our twitter community global bonding.   Three years later, we share how hundred’s of professionals flashmob twitter weekly at 6p ET on Tuesdays.

#IntDesignerChat has Globally Trended worldwide!  And according to Hash Tracking #IntDesignerChat is making 3-10 million impressions weekly, during our one hour twitter chat.   Thanks to all of you, we’re a strong Community!  

Tuesday,  June 18th we’ll be celebrating three  years of #IntDesignerChat  strong International attendance, every Tuesday at 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 4pm MST, 3pm PS, and 11pm GMT. Interior Designer Chat is the International community of Interior Designers, Interior Architects,  Kitchen and Bath designers, and professionals in the Home Decor Industry.  Interior Designer Chat is a real life business to business community (B2B), where we meet up in real life (IRL) at industry events and shows, as well as on Twitter week after week every Tuesday. What’s our success? #IntDesignerChat was built on the mission statement: “You’ve got to give to get!”  Week after week we plan inspiration, education, and share elevating ideas often provided by celebrated Guest Hosts.
We own the hashtag… #IntDesignerChat.  Our Twitter handle is @IntDesignerChat.  We’re professionals with a LinkedIn Group   for those that participants in our weekly Interior Designer Chat.   We have a rocking  FaceBook Fan Page where we share photo’s of our community and often a blog post from a community member,  and a Google + page for keeping the public informed.  Interior Designer Chat in November 2010 launched  the first  IDC Education & Design Worth Spreading via @IntDesignerChat on Twitter,  educational  three-day event that provided  CEU and brand sponsorship.  With the support of the #IntDesignerChat community we can meet up in real life for learning, sharing, and networking inspiration at Industry Shows when we are sponsored.  The giving back of sponsorship often ends with the result of new life time collaborations and new industry friendships.  As a community we depend on everyone’s kindness and efforts.  Our Mission Statement: You’ve got to give to get.   June 18, 2013 #IntDesignerChat Celebrated 3 years of giving!

Mark you icals and calendars for June 18 on Twitter at 6p ET and join the party!  #IntDesignerChat is celebrating  you our Community! 

The best gift you can bring  to the Party, June 18th at 6p ET is a new twitter friend to join in our #IntDesignerChat 3rd Anniversary Celebration.  Indeed one heartfelt Tweet  from your heart,  that we can keep, to re-tweet over and over again.  Why you enjoy #IntDesignerChat on Tuesdays


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