#IntDesignerChat June 25 TOPIC: Using Blogs As Tools To Build Influence

23 Jun
Design Blogger

Interior Designer Chat will be discussing how brands and individuals can leverage blogs to earn influence.   Building and defining influence on the personal and brand level has long been a favorite discussion among the #IntDesignerChat community.

How do we best communicate?   Do we prefer “real-time” interactions with multiple people or do we prefer to have time to think about our thoughts and put them down all at once in a blog post?

#IntDesignerChat will discuss the topic of how individuals can leverage blogs as a way to build influence and their personal brands. And we’ll discuss how brands can use blogging as a way to build influence.

What do YOU think?  If you could only pick one tool to use to build awareness for yourself and or your company, would it be Twitter  or Blogs?   What are the advantages and disadvantages to choosing one over the other?

Blogging is always a popular topic among our #IntDesignerChat community!  And we can guarantee the brands are listening.  Make time to join #IntDesignerChat on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT on Twitter.

We invite  our blogging community to pin your blog on our #IntDesignerChat Blogging Community Board on Pinterest.

Q 1:  With so many design blogs out there, what are you doing to bring a fresh/unique voice to the table?

Q 2:  Which Tool is Better For Building Awareness?   

Q3:  Why do you blog? Is it to get clients or industry connections?

Q 4:  How do you define blogging “success”?  Will you share some of your success stories.

Q 5: In order to be a successful as a design blogger one must be innovative. How do you plan to be innovative?


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