#IntDesignerChat Sept. 3 Interviews You! Topic: Step up to the Who’s Who In Design

1 Sep

Red carpet

Step up to the who’s-who plate and let #IntDesignerChat interview you Tuesday, September 3, 2013.  We’ll do the interviewing and give you the opportunity to “Act like the industry force that you are.”  We’ll have you on our International Red Carpet, Tuesday for all to learn Who You Are.  

Fall is a time to flip through your contact list and ask colleagues for help getting you more firmly entrenched in design.   We’ll give you the opportunity to share your pointers and design intentions. Which can lead to clarity,  design business,  and the admiration of key players in your field.  Make sure to make this red carpet #IntDesignerChat on twitter September 3 where our community will send your tweets in the right direction.   Who know’s what other opportunities this interview might bring you,  Tuesday at @IntDesignerChat on twitter!   With millions of impressions during our Twitter Chat hour,  this is a red carpet Hollywood moment, to share who you are in design.  

Summer is over and Fall has arrived, set your ical to September 3, 2013 for Interior Designer Chat on Twitter at 6pm ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT and share with the world who you are.


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