#IntDesignerChat Sept. 17 Guest Host is CEO Terry Alsberg for Warmboard Topic: What is “Comfort”?

10 Sep

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Guest Host for  @Warmboard is CEO Terry Alsberg

Terry Alsberg has a long and successful career in architecture and engineering.  After receiving a degree in Architecture with an Engineering emphasis from the University of Illinois, Terry founded and served as CEO for Alsberg Brothers Boatworks before founding and running Alsberg Design, an architectural firm specializing in residential design. He first became familiar with radiant heat when several of his clients asked for it to be incorporated into their residential projects. Motivated in part by having two children with asthma, and unsatisfied with existing radiant heating options, Terry, working out of his garage in Capitola, California, invented Warmboard in 1992 as a low mass solution to remodeling his own home. He filed a patent on the technology in 1994 and licensed that patent to Jeld-Wen in 1996. Warmboard Inc. was spun out as an independent entity in 2002 with Terry as CEO.

Today, Warmboard is the top manufacturer of radiant panels in the US with over 27.5 million square feet sold throughout North America and much of the world; from the Arctic circle to Antarctica. Warmboard panels are the preferred radiant solution for architects, builders and homeowners. The superior conductivity of Warmboard allows for much faster response times as well as much lower water temperatures – ensuring constant comfort with much lower energy bills. Warmboard products have been recognized with a ‘Green Product of the Year’ every year for the past decade. As a company, Warmboard is committed to quality design, sustainable practices and above all, comfort.

The company currently sells two kinds of radiant products. The original Warmboard panel is a code-approved structural subfloor and radiant panel in one, and is ideal for new home construction. Warmboard-R is a smaller, thinner panel offering the same superior performance for remodels and wall or ceiling applications. Both products are manufactured in the USA.

Warmboard, Inc. is located in Aptos, California – a short walk from Niscene Marks National Forest and the beaches of Santa Cruz.

Join Interior Designer Chat on Tuesday, September 17  with our Guest Host for  @Warmboard CEO Terry Alsberg leading our global community in the Topic: What is “Comfort”?   Follow Interior Designer Chat  on Twitter @IntDesignerChat for our international Twitter Chat using the hashtag #IntDesignerChat 6pm ET, 5pm CT, 3pm PT, and 11pm GMT.  

Warmboard, Inc. has graciously sponsored #IntDesignerChat Sept. 17, 2013 Twitter Chat.  A full disclosure statement can be found here.


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