#IntDesignerChat Nov. 19 Topic: How Are You Influenced?

17 Nov

Social Influence

Interior Designer Chat, Tuesday, November 19, 2013  Topic is How Are You Influenced?  

INFLUENCE  via Merriam-Webster.com

The power to change or affect someone or something : the power to cause changes without directly forcing them to happen

: a person or thing that affects someone or something in an important way.

Today we waited before announcing our Topic, we wondered how it would influence our Community?

Would they notice?  Would it have an impact?

Since June of 2010 the Interior Designer Chat Community has globally  gathered using the hashtag #IntDesignerChat lead by @IntDesignerChat.  Our #IntDesignerChat  Twitter chats may have limitations. The 140 character maximum can limit the depth of a comment and our global participate weekly can have  a some great ideas that  get lost in the crowd.   After years of giving back to the Interior Design, Home Furnishing, and Architecture community we know, that maybe the interactions that take place “offline” after a chat is even more influential.

How Are You Influenced? 

We’re posting our #IntDesignerChat Questions so all can find time to share, globally during this busy time of year!  We value our community!   

  • What brands have influenced you on social media?
  • What brands and business have Influenced you here at #IntDesignerChat?
  • Describe a beneficial interaction that #IntDesignerChat has facilitated for you or your business beyond the Tuesday hour?
  • Have you experienced a game-changing #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat moment?
  • What are you thankful for that our #IntDesignerChat Community has brought to you?
  • Who have you met via #IntDesignerChat?
  • How are you giving back to our “giving back” #IntDesignerChat Community that is about building others and not profit?
Join Interior Designer Chat Tuesday November 19, for our  Topic: How Are You Influenced?  We use the hashtag #IntDesignerChat at @IntDesignerChat on Twitter at  6pm EST, 5pm CST, 3pm PST, and 11pm GMT.  Invite a friend, invite a brand!  It’s the season of giving!

Influence and Social Media - Infographic
DashBurst – Your Guide to the Web & Social Media

Photo Credit: Scientific America 


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