#IntDesignerChat Feb. 4 Topic: Collaboration In Design

2 Feb

Presenting the future

Team collaboration is the key to success.  Finding your way through the design process to deliver great solutions requires a team. Collaborating  with a designer,  is  a win-win situation.  The value of working on a team brings knowledge to the designer. Interior designers, architects, builders, and clients realize the value and importance of having a team on board at the beginning of the design process.  Having the design team at the table at the beginning of a project ensures that each discipline can offer valuable information focused on design, constructability, and budget that exceeds a client’s expectations. 

Whether your business is at full staff,  re-organizing, or preparing to increase your staff,  the process of team collaboration is an effective means to ensure direct, and desired project participation. Manufactures and reps who participate and stay involved in the design process,  avoid being overlooked when specification time comes for new business with new clients.  Collaborating with vendor, reps, tradesmen, and contractors is part of  the collaborative day-to-day  business for the designer.    Working with others in collaboration, is  making them a part of your team.  With brands and manufactures it can require  reps, who can keep track of orders and respond weekly to our order status.   By streamlining to collaboration you  also work for your continued business success and the mutual win for the sales representative and manufacturer.   Sales people within the design industry are positioned to provide continual,  efficient and more effective information and value.

How do you build a team approach and integrate them as part of your team, your collaborative staff?

How can our respective sales people become more integrated within our design business?

How can we harness the knowledge and value of Reps for more effective ordering processing?

How do you collaboration as an interior designers with other professional designers?  i.e. Kitchen Designers, Architects, Builders, Color Experts.

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Photo Credit:  www.viahealthcaredesign.com


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