#IntDesignerChat Give Up The Love!

11 May




Actions speak louder than words, but not nearly as often. ~ Mark Twain


We appreciate our global Interior Designer Chat community and enjoy what we provide one another in the industry.

Have you ever stopped to think about how our community has sustained over 4 years?

How much work goes into preparing our of the moment Topics, that trend weekly?

How much preparing and time goes into bringing  education and leadership to our global Interior Designer Chat community?

What is involved in selecting and working with top industry leaders who volunteer their time in “Giving Back” as Guest Hosts?

How we have emerged friendships and relationships globally for 4 years in the interior design,  kitchen and bath,  design blogging, and home furnishing industries?

How #IntDesignerChat weekly, offer brands constant opportunities  to share and network within their product category and network with top designer and professionals?

How for 4 years we have never forgotten about you as an individuals, a small business, or as a industry brand?

How #IntDesignerChat mission has stayed true and consistently since June 2010 of welcoming and embracing all that participate in our weekly #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat, without selling  the participants influence and for 4 years has been “Giving Back”?

How #IntDesignerChat  has stayed true to disclosure in our relationships since day one?

We appreciate our global community and enjoy what we provide one another in the industry.  Our Interior Designer Chat team are professionals within our industry, that volunteer their efforts weekly in being of service to the Interior Designer Chat community.  We have globally stretched our love and blessing to the design industry with our energy and building of one another.

We need to express to our community that our lives are full and good.  This time of year,  it’s true dedication for everyone in the #IntDesignerChat team to show up at our weekly global Twitter chat, #IntDesignerChat on Tuesdays at 6p EST, 3p PST, and 11p GMT.   We are also giving up opportunities of making income in our real-time,  real life, and global time zone careers.  June 2014 we should be celebrating, that we have sustained our professional community to still growing and flourishing.   Interior Designer hat has been inspiring, educating, helping one another build social media influence, bringing top education, and connecting our industry globally and with integrity longer than anyone else.

We do a lot of good things!  It’s 2014 and our out-of-pocket  community expenses are accumulating.

Thank you for embracing the possibility of greatness.

We can not waste our potential, it’s not enough for us!

#IntDesignerChat give up the love!








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