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#IntDesignerChat March 18 Topic: Referrals: How To Get Them And Keep Them Coming

16 Mar

Refferal Marketing

Join Interior Designer Chat on Twitter, Tuesday March 18, for our Topic: Referrals: How to Get Them And Keep Them Coming.  If you want to build a continuous stream of new business,  referrals from clients are important.  According to the New York Times, 65% of new business comes from referrals.

No matter how big or small your company is you will have a better chance of success if your customers and referral partners are working for you by providing referrals.  Referrals are a marketing tool commonly called word of mouth marketing.  Historically this was used in person, but now with the internet and social media, word of mouth can be passed along on and offline.

Clients who love our work and what we do, are happy to give referrals. A recommendation from a client provides credibility and often reduces doubt in a new prospects mind.  Often a client feels they are helping someone by putting them in touch with a professional “in the know” or a products that they love.   Why not get people talking about you and your company? It creates an awareness, buzz, and leaves customers feeling good about your business.

Join #IntDesignerChat March 18, for our global conversation on twitter and share how you thank and reward those who refer business your way.   

Referrals,  do you actively seek them out or simply cross your fingers and hope they come?

What are the challenges of finding referrals?

What problems do you solve and what makes you a good choice?

How do you take the time to thank and reward those who refer business your way?

How do you influence the amount of referrals you get?   What proactive approaches do you take?

What can you do to increase your referrals?

Have you ever been caught talking about a brand or a product?

What can you do to increase the buzz about your business and get people to use word of mouth marketing?

Set your iCal for #IntDesignerChat Tuesday March 18 Topic: Referrals: How to Get Them And Keep Them Coming.  6pm EST, 5pm CST, 3pm PST and 11pm GMT.

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#IntDesignerChat Dec. 10 Topic: Designing The Master Bedroom

8 Dec
Balinese bedroom Style Traditionl Home

South Pacific style of jewelry designer Carolyn Tyler.

Ad Bedroom

Modern Bedroom by De La Torre Design Studio

Join Interior Designer Chat Tuesday December 10, 2013 for our topic: Designing The Master Bedroom.  The most interesting bedrooms express the passions of the homeowners, from art to travel.  A master bedroom is the most personal space in the home, so naturally bedrooms are designed often, as the stuff dreams are made of. Designing a master bedroom for clients is often the job of designing a private retreat. With today’s fast paced business life, often clients want their master bedrooms to reflect their own private piece of Heaven.  Join #IntDesignerChat on Twitter Tuesday December 10, and share Bedroom decorating and design ideas: from artsy to exotic at 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 3pm PST, and 11p GMT.


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#IntDesignerChat Nov. 5 Topic: Define Your Firm As Luxury During The “Holiday Rush”

3 Nov




We are coming upon the business seasons known as the “holiday rush.”   Some of our clients are  advance planners and let us know about special dates and holiday deadlines, others may just be beginning to ask about our services.

Do you want your firm to be a luxury firm?

The dictionary defines luxury as indulgence in and enjoyment of rich, comfortable, and sumptuous living.  As professional designers isn’t that exactly what we are selling?

At the end of  year, as professionals, we can let our clients know that our firm would like to have a party for them in their new home. Suggesting our clients put together a guest list, so friends and family can see their new design installations.  As professionals, creating checklists for when the holiday push arrives, helps with the pressures of meeting our client needs.  Offering the services of “luxury” gives your firm and staff the opportunity to provide invitations, flowers, food and drink, and in return get an opportunity to showcase your work to a group of potential clients.

Join Interior Designer Chat on twitter, Tuesday, November 5, 2013 and share globally; How your firm sells luxury during the “holiday rush.”  6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT.   We use the hashtag  #IntDesignerChat on Twitter. Follow us at @IntDesignerChat for all the latest details, and how to join the  Interior Designer Chat  Community.

#IntDesignerChat Oct. 8 Guest Host @goodwifesetdec Beth Kushnick Topic: The Art and Craft of Set Decoration

1 Oct

Beth Kushnick 1.

Guest Host Beth Kushnick @goodwifesetdec

For almost 30 years, Beth Kushnick has created character-driven settings for some of the most recognizable feature films and television series, including her current work as set decorator on the hit CBS drama The Good Wife. The ultimate curator of eclectic, beautiful objects, Kushnick expertly combines the latest trends with timeless décor while seamlessly navigating the worlds of high-end drama, action, comedy and science fiction.

Kushnick has redefined the role of set decorator, stepping out from behind the velvet rope to engage her passionate and loyal following of design, TV, and film fans through digital media. “The Good Look of The Good Wife” blog on, the first decorating blog for any primetime networks series, takes questions from thousands of fans, while more than 3,600 fans follow her on Twitter through her handle @goodwifesetdec.

Kushnick also appears with celebrity curators and published authors including Martha Stewart, Cynthia Rowley, Molly Sims, Bobby Flay, and Bethenny Frankel on the social shopping site OpenSky ( named one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies by Fast Company Magazine. Debuting as the only set decoratorBeth gives advice and insider product recommendations. She currently boasts more than 137,000 followers. 

Kushnick and her work have been featured widely in the press including pieces in The New York Times, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Canadian House and Home, HGTV Magazine, The Detroit News, Huffington Post, Architectural Digest, CBS Watch Magazine, and more.  A “shout out” from Julianna Margulies during her SAG Award acceptance speech was an unprecedented high mark in a successful career.

A passionate tastemaker known for her sharp, consistent eye, Kushnick quickly realized there was a consumer market for The Good Wife designs. To answer the call, she galvanized CBS Consumer Products, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, and Interlude Home to co-create The Good Wife Home Collection. Products from The Good Wife’s home décor line will be revealed through each episode of the series. Bringing the world of The Good Wife to life is the latest milestone in a career that’s as diverse as Kushnick’s designs, spanning dramatic films such as Reversal of Fortune to the sci-fi world of TV’s Fringe.  Kushnick’s feature film credits include Hide and Seek, Rounders, Mortal Thoughts and Private Parts, and she has set decorated the East Coast units of The Insider, Jumanji, Frequency, Wanted and National Treasure. Her television work includes Kings, Trial By Jury, Conviction, and 3 Lbs. She was the set decorator for The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s lauded Costume Collection exhibition, The Model As Muse.

A native New Yorker, Kushnick is a Hall of Fame Inductee of The Set Decorators Society Of America, a voting member of both The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and a Christie’s Arbiter of Style.

Join Beth Kushnick @goodwifesetdec as she Guest Host #IntDesignerChat Tuesday, October 8, 2013 Topic: The Art and Craft of Set Decoration.   6pm ET, 5pm CT, 3pm PT, and 11pm GMT. 


#IntDesignerChat June 4 Topic: Fine Art and Antiques

2 Jun
AD Art Collection

Michael Schaible and Robert Bray design. Photography by Scott Frances. Photo Credit:

Summer is filled with the excitement of International Fine Art & Antiques Fairs.  Designing residential interiors around private collections is itself a fine art.  Concerns like light, weight, stability, climate and scale impact display.  Art collection and architectural design is heavily entwined into the fabric of  interiors.   The  most popular artist in the world: Vincent Van Gogh, PabloPicasso, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali,  and Leonardo da Vinci have stimulated and inspired designers and architects across the world.

Join  the international conversation at Interior Designer Chat  Tuesday June 4, 2013 and share your favorite fine art and antique shows and artisan resources.   We will discuss: 

  • Buying art and antiques in the current market
  • The attraction of well made things

Invite all your artist friend to join us at @IntDesignerChat on twitter using the hashtag #IntDesignerChat  June 4, 2013  at 6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, and  11p GMT.